Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Be Careful Out There!

As we approach the holidays, the weather conditions here in Indianapolis are as intense as ever -- snow, ice and heavy winds all make for difficult driving and walking conditions. The team at Sondhi-Biggs Orthodontics would like to remind you to be safe when you're out and about! Here is some helpful advice we wanted to share with you for traveling this season:

1. Winterize your vehicle: This includes checking your tire pressure, inspecting all belts and hoses, making sure the battery is fully charged, switching to a thinner grade of engine oil for better performance in colder temperatures and inspect the wipers and wiper fluid to ensure better visibility.

2. Drive, accelerate, and brake slowly: Make sure you begin to decelerate well in advance of turning a corner. If you go into a skid, turn your wheels into the skid and accelerate slightly to regain control of the vehicle.

3. Pack an emergency road kit and learn common emergency signs: Get to know winter driving basics, such as always having extra oil and antifreeze, blankets and drinking water, and emergency road flares. Your cell phone should be with you at all times, and if you have an extra, keep a spare charger in your vehicle.

4. Learn how to install tire chains: Choose chains that are easy to install, and then practice putting them on and taking them off a few times in your driveway or parking lot.

5. Learn how to fix a flat tire: Flat tires are easy to fix if you have the right tools and you know what to do. Make sure your spare tire is properly inflated and in good condition, and be sure you have a full set of tools, including a good jack that you know how to operate and a lug wrench that will get the job done. This video explains how to easily change a tire.

6. Learn how to jump start a car: If you should experience a battery that has lost power, you'll need a set of jumper cables and someone who can lend you a car. This video explains how to properly jump start your vehicle.

Finally, if you don't feel safe going out, you can always reschedule your appointment. At Sondhi-Biggs Orthodontics our patients' well-being is our primary concern, and that includes staying safe (and warm) on the roads this winter season!