Thursday, January 29, 2015


Sondhi-Biggs-Hansen Orthodontics is proud to announce the integration of technology into our practice, allowing for us to avoid that sticky, gooey impression technique for most orthodontic procedures.  We have incorporated into our practice the 3M Unitek True Definition Scanner for improved accuracy, comfort and convenience of delivering orthodontic care for our patients.  This is just another example of how Sondhi-Biggs-Hansen Orthodontics is “Smiles Above the Rest”

Friday, January 23, 2015

NEVER at our office!

Patients at Sondhi-Biggs-Hansen Orthodontics never have to wear headgear! Not many offices can say they NEVER use headgear. There are several types of headgears, but none of them are convenient, comfortable or inconspicuous. A headgear slides into tubes on the braces, and is kept in place using a neck strap that wraps around and hooks to the other side--very uncomfortable.

Early treatment, using a new generation of appliances, is a much more comfortable alternative to wearing a headgear, and provides a superior final result. This is just one more reason why Sondhi-Biggs-Hansen Orthodontics is "Smiles Above the Rest".